Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the leggings different from others?

We’ve integrated resistance bands into our leggings. This technology enables your muscles to work more efficiently, resulting in a higher rate of calorie burn when the leggings are worn. For more information, click on the Yale testing tab under the Technology category!

How does the posture shirt work?

Our shirts feature our resistance technology as well, but it’s implemented in a different way! With the resistance bands crossed in the back of our shirts, we have created a posture enhancing garment. The bands gently pull your shoulders back, which reminds you to retain a proper, more straight up posture!

How do I put them on correctly?

Are the leggings safe for pregnant women?

While the amount of resistance is light, we urge you to first check with your physician regarding the use of Sweetflexx during your pregnancy.

How much resistance do the leggings add?

Our leggings add just about 4 pounds of resistance to every step you take, which allows for a perfect balance between function and comfort!

Why do the leggings look scrunched up when I take them out of the bag?

When they’re not worn, the tension from the resistance bands gives the leggings this “scrunched” look. However, when the leggings are worn, the bands stretch out, and the material smooths out just like any other legging!

Do they actually work?

Of course!  We tested the resistance technology at the John B. Pierce Sports Lab at Yale University.  Based on our testing, we are seeing anywhere from 30-40 extra calories burned per half an hour of walking.  The results will vary based on each person’s size and activity.

How tight should they be?

We designed the leggings with the intention that they’d be an all-day garment. That being said, they should feel compact on your legs, but shouldn’t be tight to the point of discomfort.

How long should I wear them for?

We believe that every step counts when it comes to your health. With Sweetflexx, every step you take gets you that much closer to your goal. The longer you wear them, the sooner that goal will be within reach.

Are you supposed to work out in them/will they enhance your workout?

Our leggings help you burn more calories and tone your legs just by going about your day. However, if you intend to work out in them, they will do a great job in enhancing your workout. The added resistance will make your muscles work harder, which will intensify your workout.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Sweetflexx products, you can return them for a full refund!

Read more about our testing at Yale