Resistance Band Technology


Seamlessly integrated resistance bands provide a force against each step/movement. While the amount of resistance is small, each step adds up to big strides.


Using the bands unique properties to hold its' shape, we in turn have harnessed this power to gently pull back your shoulders and remind you to improve posture. 

Results from Yale University

Increased caloric burn

Participants walked for 30 minutes with and without Sweetflexx. During this time, we observed 30-40 extra calories being burned when Sweetflexx was worn. Read more>>

Improved body composition

Shape and tone your legs, butt and lower core by applying a constant resistance to your legs. Learn more>> 

Fabric Technology

Signature Fabric

Designed from the ground up for all day comfort and wear in mind!

Cooling Effects

Crushed jade stone is infused into this fabric designed to lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees.

On the go

From the gym to chasing kids, this fabric combines the best in comfort and strength to handle the busiest of days!