Resistance band technology


In 2015, Sweetflexx was developed to make every step count. As the first few prototypes rolled off the line, we had them tested by one of the best and most distinguished sports labs in the world. The following are excerpts and descriptions explain how Sweetflexx can help you put your best foot forward.

The John B Pierce Sports Lab independently tested Sweetflexx as a third party. Testing was approved by the Human Investigation Committee of Yale School of Medicine & all participants voluntarily signed their content, which conformed to guidelines contained in the Declaration of Helsinki. 


"Our primary measurements are direct measures of oxygen consumption, or fuel used during was clear that the leggings with the bands showed consistently higher values. This data shows greater energy output when people wear leggings with the (resistance) bands." 

Burn extra calories

"If an individual wears these leggings over a period of several days, and does not change exercise or diet habits, he or she will be in negative energy balance, and is likely to lose weight."

"We would expect the weight loss rate to be slow and steady, consistent with the most successful long-term weight loss methods."

"At the end of the 30 min exercise period, the difference in energy expenditure is 1.39 ml/kg/min in oxygen consumption. Assuming 8 hours of movement per day, that is 480 minutes, or 667 more ml/kg/min oxygen consumption per day compared to leggings without the bands. Viewed another way, for a 55 kg (121 lb.) woman, this adds ~ 255 kcals/day just by wearing these leggings."

Slow & steady

Those who have participated in quick weight loss programs/diets often find their weight fluctuating. This article by the New York Times details the reasons why the body fights back. 


Shape & tone muscle

"The experience is similar to using resistance bands at a gym all day."

An advantage to achieving a healthy body composition is that muscles will become more toned and defined. By increasing muscle mass, the body replaces fat tissue and is more likely to have a slim physique. 

"Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health. If one improves their body composition, they also lower the risk to diseases such as insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes."