Laure W.

WW Leader

"After wearing my leggings on and off for the past month a half at the gym, for a walk, and just around the house, I have definitely felt more strength in my legs and that they have become more toned. It for sure feels like I'm getting a workout during my regular routine." 

Gloria B.

WW Leader

"I have been using Sweetflexx for about 6 weeks. Let me tell you they are awesome. Since I have been walking for quite a few years I felt like I needed to amp up my exercise and was thinking of wearing ankle weights. I learned about Sweetflexx & was so excited because that was exactly what I needed...My biggest problem of my body are my thighs and it seems no matter what I do I can't seem to firm them up like I want. Well I did measure my thighs prior to using the leggings and I am happy to say I have lost 1/4 inch on each thigh. I did not change my walking routine one bit, I just wore the leggings. I will not wear anything but these!" 

Diana B.

Business Owner & Busy Mom

"My sister turned me on to the Sweetflexx and I haven't been the same. From my daily routine to workouts, Sweetflexx has changed my life and body! Everyone needs Sweetflexx in their lives!" 

Emily O.

Health & Fitness Advocate

"@sweetflexx is changing the game for leggings!! Seriously so sore after wearing these leggings all day. Today was an off day at the gym for me and I still got a workout in just by wearing these leggings to work." 

Barbara C.

Busy Mom of 3!

"I wear my Sweetflexx leggings while working out at the gym and have noticed a significant loss of inches in my thighs and legs!" 

Donna T.

Employee & Mom

"I have been wearing my Sweetflexx pants on my daily walks and can really feel the difference in the intensity of the workout! I highly recommend them!" 

Lauren L.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

"Time to test them out! I began by wearing a pair of normal leggings during a very simple 30 min video one day. I felt the normal little burns here and there, nothing out of the ordinary. The next day, I put on my Sweetflexx leggings with the same video and no joke, my leg muscles were burning (in a good way) and I felt the results so much stronger...I mean, you are literally WEARING your gym!" 

Emily B.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

"I am absolutely obsessed with these leggings! They're super comfy, but you can definitely feel the resistance! Plus - they're machine washable which is a necessity for me. These have quickly become my new weekend wear obsession!"