At Sweetflexx, we're dedicated to making the absolute best pair of leggings possible. We truly are a family run, coast-to-coast, fun loving business!
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Home workouts

These seriously make my workouts so much harder! I've also been wearing them all day which adds to it!

IG Review

Not only do the bands help the leggings stay up and hold me in, but definitely add to my workouts

Instagram Review

Check out my video below!

IG Review

In order to give my family, friends, business, or anything the best of me, I have to make myself a priority! ✨

Working out, being active, and fueling my body have become WAY more of a priority to me for those reasons! And I loveeee that these @sweetflexx leggings help me achieve that better 👏🏻 They’re made with resistance bands {YA, you heard me!} so I can literally tighten and tone even just running my errands. Taking your gym with you anywhere you go! I’m totally behind it 🔥

New favorite leggings

I bought these on a whim and totally fell in love with them. They are sturdy and thick but still comfortable. It has the pull everything in effect and gives me a nice butt when Im wearing them. Like some other review mentioned, they do attract hair like most black clothing, so have a roller handy.

Sweetflexx - Comfortable Fit

I love my new compression tights the grey color is perfect for so many of my workout tops and the compression is just right.

Great fit and resistance!

I love these pants! The resistance bands were a great addition to my chores. Feel like just normal life is making me stronger.


Great design very soft but durable. Would purchase again in every color.

Great customer service

I had an issue with the quality of the first pair that I received but they sent me another pair, great customer service!

New Favorites

I got the 2 pack of black leggings and they are my new favorites. They fit great, are not too shiny, and thick. I do wish the bands provided stronger resistance and they had pockets, but they are still great leggings. Looking forward to the blue pocket pair being back in stock so I can try those.

Love these Compression Leggings

These are great. I ordered two pairs of the black ones as they were out of the other colors in my size. (2) They fit perfectly. I’m 63 years old, 5’2” and 107 lbs.

Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

I'm loving my Sweetflexx; I've never been much of a dedicated "workout" person but after a year of pandemic quarantine I knew it was time to get my legs back into shape and I think these are truly working as I do mundane things around the house. I've told some of my guy friends about these and they're quietly very interested...

Not bad looking

I like the tights and the way they look is fine. I was concerned about bunching in the crotch but don't seem to have that problem. I did the 20s and didn't notice a huge difference during my workout, but I'm just getting back to working out so everything hurts. I wish they were a little higher rise or stayed up better, to support my belly. I would buy again though

Great leggings but would like more resistance

Definitely feel some resistance when walking or running, it’s most intense when doing any kind of squatting. However, I would like to see a pair with a little more resistance, so you can feel it even more while walking or running! (The ones I have only have 2 resistance ‘bands’ per leg, not sure if they have leggings with more bands)

Fit: Leggings run a little small and on the shorter side (I am 5’9 and keep having to yank them up.) But they are pretty flattering, no muffin top or major fit issues.

Good quality leggings

I have only worn these for one day, walking around and to a HIIT class. I'm not sure if the resistance bands actually did anything, but I felt a little bit of resistance while squatting. They look and feel nice and are a thick fabric. I like them as just leggings even if I can't affirm the effectiveness of the resistance band.


I love the way these fit. When I put them on, I thought if nothing else these look fantastic. But then I went on a hike. By the end of my hike, my legs were feeling it! I’m glad I ordered two pairs, I’ll be wearing the second pair today!

Leggings from Heaven

These leggings are quality made, slimming, and most comfortable EVER MADE! I wear them for a living, so I know quality when I see and feel it!! The personal note with my order made my heart melt. So much love and thoughtfulness going into every shipment. Highly recommend (and already have been since I first wore them!)

Great product

The resistance bands provide a nice addition to my regular workouts. The leggings are nice but are a borderline pass on the squat test. I bought my normal pant size and they were pretty tight but not uncomfortably tight.

Really works

After wearing the leggings all day just doing stuff around the house I definitely felt like I had gone to the gym and worked out. These are great and really work.

Absolutely love sweetflexx

I bought 2 pair’s for myself and I absolutely love the way they fit and they are very comfortable to wear all day! Lisa in Colorado

Can feel them working!

Overall I really like these leggings! I'm super stoked on the pocket version (I don't buy leggings without pockets anymore - it's a must!). I wore these for a crossfit workout as well as a run. I wasn't sure if I was just sore from lunges the day before or if they were providing resistance, but after running in them I definitely felt it. I plan to wear these around the house and to do errands just to get a little extra calorie burn.

Unique Pants

I've been wearing these pants and I definitely feel a bit of extra burn after doing a workout in them. Would love it if they offered a high waist version with pockets.

THE BEST LEGGINGS! I love the fit and the material. I actually look like I have a butt in these! :)

These are great

I can tell that they are working because my legs are sore after, I love the quality of the fabric, they are thick and the styles are super cute, I got black and black camo and have gotten lots of compliments on them also price point for a pair of leggings this good can't be found anywhere, will purchase again!


Love them!