At Sweetflexx, we're dedicated to making the absolute best pair of leggings possible. We truly are a family run, coast-to-coast, fun loving business!
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Home workouts

These seriously make my workouts so much harder! I've also been wearing them all day which adds to it!

IG Review

Not only do the bands help the leggings stay up and hold me in, but definitely add to my workouts

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Check out my video below!

IG Review

In order to give my family, friends, business, or anything the best of me, I have to make myself a priority! ✨

Working out, being active, and fueling my body have become WAY more of a priority to me for those reasons! And I loveeee that these @sweetflexx leggings help me achieve that better 👏🏻 They’re made with resistance bands {YA, you heard me!} so I can literally tighten and tone even just running my errands. Taking your gym with you anywhere you go! I’m totally behind it 🔥

The Perfect Leggings

The perfect leggings do exist! I love the fit and how they make me feel. Added bonus it doubles the work out.

Great leggings! Can really feel the resistance working. Runs small so size up!


These pants are wonderful! They are so soft and comfortable!

Good compression. A little low

Great compression for the legs, but the front is very low and rolls down.

Fabulous fit!

the legging are insane! I absolutely love it and the quality is amazing too! Perfecttt

Nice quality but not a huge difference

I like the leggings... which is saying something because normally I don’t wear them out of the house. I don’t notice a huge difference in how my legs feel after a day of wearing them. But they’re definitely good quality pants!

This leggings are comfy!

I love how truly comfortable this legs are, I put them on wore them all day and didn't want to taken off. They went through the wash and they next I wore them they were just as comfy! They didn't lose any stretch and shape, where so of my other legging lose do. So needless to say I will be buying more and getting another pair and possibly different colors as come available!!


they r great

Great leggings

They are definitely the most comfortable pair of leggings I own. I can feel the resistance bands but I am a very active person so I don't think they are really doing much. I work retail and do about 18,000 steps in a day, I wore them to work and couldn't really tell any difference from any other pair of pants.
The leggings themselves are very comfortable. They absolutely need pockets, and generally, for just leggings (which is really how they feel to me) I wouldn't typically pay this much.

Some of the most fabulous leggings available!

I am such a fan of Sweetflexx leggings! I am amazed with the technology and love that I can acutally FEEL my legs working harder when I wear them. I can tell a noticable difference in my fitness classes when wearing my Sweetflexx vs. regular leggings. Thank you Sweetflexx for fashion meets function!

Can feel them working

These pants are great: they have good coverage, look great, launder well, and you can feel them working! Great purchase!

More colors please

This was my 2nd pair of SweetFlexx. My 1st pair was black size medium and I love, Love, LOVE them! I was skeptical since I have been into various types of fitness to include heavy weight-training, so I thought I wouldn't really feel much of a workout from these, but I really DO feel my legs getting a workout!<3
Unfortunately, when I went to order the only other color available, olive green, the only size available was large, so I ordered thinking there can't be that much of a difference between sizes. Boy was I wrong! These definitely don't have a snug fit like my medium pair and I can't feel any resistance on them at all...bummer :( I am going to try to shrink them, but if that fails to give me a proper fit I'll just pass them along to my sister to wear.
Hopefully, you will have both more colors available, as well as have more size mediums available in each color, now that you know that is the most commonly ordered size. Otherwise, if people do what I did and order up and it is their very 1st pair, they will think the leggings don't perform the way they are supposed to and you may lose their business, as well as not gain business from their referrals. Just something to keep in mind when expanding this business.
Also, do you offer any type of discount for military veterans, nurses, or first responders? Here is the discount Lululemon offers and why I will continue shopping with them. "We offer a 25% discount to North American active, reservist military members and their spouses, veterans, active emergency first responders, as well as nurses, doctors and support workers who are working in hospitals, acute care facilities and long-term care facilities." They are very generous with their support, but I'd be happy with even a 10-15% discount.
That is all I have for now. Please notify me via email or phone 720-839-1022 when you have more colors available (and in size medium). Thank you kindly

Roberta Kusk
USAF Veteran
& Hemodialysis Nursing Services


Great! These run snug but seems to need that to get full resistance effect.

Love These Leggings!

I cannot believe how well these fit. They seem to be designed to accommodate different heights, I’m 5’1” and they fit perfectly but have a few inches at the bottom where they could easily stretch to fit a much taller person. The look and feel of the fabric is excellent, very soft and comfortable. The waistband fits comfortably and is a good cut. Now to the best part, every step feels awesome! I have been wearing them around the house all day and my legs feel awesome, you can definitely feel the extra toning taking place with the resistance bands. They look great on (my husband thinks so too 😍) but also are great under clothes.

Nice pants

These are sweet leggings.

Another level base layer.

I bought these mostly to use as a base layer for skiing. Wow..I could absolutely feel the difference, as soon as I started down the slopes. First, they are overall a great quality legging. Then, throw in the added benefit of the bands and you get a great product. Will definitely use them for workouts, as well. Pretty impressive, I must say.

Nice looking and feeling leggings

These leggings are super soft and comfortable. They definitely feel like they are doing something. I can feel the resistance bands working. Time will tell, but I can’t wait to do a workout with the leggings on and see if my muscles feel the difference. In any case they are comfy and look nice, so it’s a win for me!

These leggings are amazing!

I love these leggings! They have the perfect amount of resistance. My workouts feel harder and I am burning more calories when I wear them!

Good, just not great.

Maybe it’s in my head, but I’ve worn these a few times on my normal runs or stair workouts and my legs really do feel it. My calories burned according to my Apple Watch are slightly up too. 🤷🏼‍♀️
With that being said, the fits isn’t great. There are lots of seams, everywhere. And the waist band isn’t as high as your average workout legging. So don’t attempt mountain climbers or burpees in these. And be prepared to adjust when running, watch out for those seams.

Great leggings!

Fast shipping and the resistance bands built in are a great idea!

Perfect Fit

Love these new pants! They feel so good