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Home workouts

These seriously make my workouts so much harder! I've also been wearing them all day which adds to it!

IG Review

Not only do the bands help the leggings stay up and hold me in, but definitely add to my workouts

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Instagram Review

Check out my video below!

IG Review

In order to give my family, friends, business, or anything the best of me, I have to make myself a priority! ✨

Working out, being active, and fueling my body have become WAY more of a priority to me for those reasons! And I loveeee that these @sweetflexx leggings help me achieve that better 👏🏻 They’re made with resistance bands {YA, you heard me!} so I can literally tighten and tone even just running my errands. Taking your gym with you anywhere you go! I’m totally behind it 🔥

Love the pants

I love these. So comfortable and I can really feel the resistance all day.

Work it Girl

Love the way these pants look and I get to improve my legs as well.

Great fit - even for just wearing around the house

Finally got mine! Wore them around the house to take them for a “test ride” wasn’t disappointed.

Great workout pants

Pants are soft and comfortable, well made, and true to size. They add an extra challenge to my workout. Will be ordering more.

I have 3 pairs

I love these. Great for when you cant get a work out in during the day, and if you ever run in them... woah are you going to feel it. I love the ones with pockets!!! You will not be disappointed.

Good Resistance

Love the way these leggings feel! You can really tell your legs are being worked just after a few days of wearing them.

Black Full Length
Cheryl Harwell

Black Full Length

Super comfortable not too binding!

I’m someone who likes everything to be “held in” but not so tight that my exercise is restricted. These are perfect! So happy this are comfortable and add just a little resistance.

Love them!

I got the two pair deal and I’m glad I did! Super soft and comfortable. My legs definitely felt it! I will absolutely be purchasing another pair!

2 Sweet Package
Kristin Bradley
Super comfy

These leggings are so comfortable. A bit difficult to actually get on, but once they're on they're so comfortable and soft feeling. I didnt feel like I felt much resistance while wearing them, but after i woke up the next day my legs definitely felt a bit sore.

Black pockets
Pattie Pientkewic
Love these Leggings!

These are the best thing I have ever purchased for myself.
Only wish is the waist was higher.
I can not wait to.purchase another pair!

Subtle but noticeable

Purchased the 20# version in petite. Great to have an option for my short legs. Fits as expected. Dont really notice the resistance going about my business, but my legs feel worked the next day. Will you be coming out with a version with greater resistance?

Black pockets
J. E. D. D.
Comfy & effective

Comfortable enough to lounge in, but you can also tell they're working when you move around. I tried Agogie and hated them, these, I LOVE!

Great leggings

These leggings fit very well and are really comfortable. I love the idea of the resistance bands built in, just not sure how much they actually do? Seemed like the could be a little tighter and provide more resistance. But really do love the leggings.

Hey Emily, let me know if you'd like a size smaller. Usually that's what I recommend if the resistance feels too light and you think maybe you could go down a size. Happy to chat more, shoot me an email anytime (

Black Full Length
Andrea Sacco
So far so good

I just tried them on for the first time..they feel great ..took my dog for walk and there was a slight resistance ..I do not know if I have them on correctly-the bottom of the pants have a cuff where the bands stop at the ankle , but I do not know if that is supposed to go under your feet?

Hey Andrea! Exciting, happy to hear that. The bands should end right around your ankle, not like stirrups under your feet. If you pull them up at the waist and down at the ankle, that should help (think stretching the bands out), and if you think the inseam is too long, send us an email and we'll help out!

Black Full Length
Ashley Woolf

Black Full Length

2 Sweet Package
Stanevich Jennifer
Great leggings

Love the leggings
Got the two for one deal


absolutely love my sweetflexx resistance band leggings! Bought navy and will be moving on the purchase more colors!

So far so good

I've only worn these once, but I could definitely tell the difference vs my regular leggings. They provide enough tension that you're comfortable, but can still feel it.

Fits great

They fit great!! Love them!!!

Black pockets
Michelle Remington

I wear them under my scrubs on nights shift for compression. They work and feel amazing.