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Home workouts

These seriously make my workouts so much harder! I've also been wearing them all day which adds to it!

IG Review

Not only do the bands help the leggings stay up and hold me in, but definitely add to my workouts

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IG Review

In order to give my family, friends, business, or anything the best of me, I have to make myself a priority! ✨

Working out, being active, and fueling my body have become WAY more of a priority to me for those reasons! And I loveeee that these @sweetflexx leggings help me achieve that better 👏🏻 They’re made with resistance bands {YA, you heard me!} so I can literally tighten and tone even just running my errands. Taking your gym with you anywhere you go! I’m totally behind it 🔥

Great compression and added benefits while you walk

Aside from the extra benefits of the bands in these leggings, they do a great job at compression and shaping your rear! The material is thick and soft to avoid being see through during workouts and can give an extra burn boost since they are hotter. I would buy just for that fact, even if the bands didn't work! The bands require some practice to get the right alignment when I pull them on (knocked knees makes it harder) but they stay in place well enough after that.


I am 5’1” and weigh 120 lbs. I ordered the small and they are tight. But, I’m assuming they need to be in order to work. So I will continue to wear and find out if they are worth the price.

Really work!

Definitely get the resistence. Just wish they weren't so long on me.

Great Leggings

Great leggings- definitely run small, I sized up one size based on reviews and still felt like they were a little snug. Wish the band was a little more aggressive but you can definitely feel it- more so if you were hiking or doing lunges, squats, etc.

I love the fit

The waist band is very flattering- it really holds in a belly pooch. Im not sure how much resistance they really have, but anything is better than nothing!

Omg,Loveeee these leggings!

I was skeptical when I first put them on, they were kinda of snug but once I had them on they fit perfect! They are incredibly the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever had and they pull everything in making you look firm. Whomever invented these leggings are a genius!!! I will be ordering another pair real soon.

2 Sweet Package


I like these pants. Although I wish they had included instructions for cleaning and best practices for use.

Awesome leggings

Super soft and comfortable--can't feel the bands thru the fabric at all, but I can DEFINITELY tell they are working because my quads are burning! Love it and definitely will be back for more! (Hoping for more colors--maybe blue? Pink?)

Love them!

I can definitely feel a little resistance when I walk. Only used them once so far and my only issue is that if you have any amount of butt they feel like they are too short waisted.

Great Leggings

I was surprised. They are comfortable and not bad looking. I bought the 2 pack and love it. I did not feel the resistance as of yet but only have worn it once.

Excellent Quality!

I received a pair as a gift and they instantly became my favorite leggings I own. They are comfortable, work as intended, and made of substantial quality fabric.

Fantastic Leggings

These leggings are fantastic! You definitely feel the resistance when working out, and even walking.

Great Leggings

Comfortable enough to wear all day!

Very very impressed!

I honestly was not sure what to think about these leggings! I got a size 4 (which I am normally a 4 or 6), and although they were snug going on, they fit GREAT once I finally got them on and got comfortable! I wore them to a gym for a pretty intense workout and could definitely feel my muscles tighter afterwards! I also wore them running errands and could feel the resistance when I was walking around stores / getting in and out of my car! I actually love how compressive they are. The fabric is amazing and I am honestly going to wear them time and time again! I could even feel my legs "tightening" when I was sitting on the couch reading - so that is a BONUS! They are pretty true to size, but, if you like your things looser (and not super compressive) I would size up in my opinion. But, I also have really muscular legs and glutes, so that plays a factor, too!

Love the color

I absolutely love the color of these leggings! They were a bit small for me, so I would advise sizing up. The built in resistance makes for an extra tough leg day.

Nice resistance leggings!

I like these leggings and think that they do add some benefit to my workouts. Note that the resistance bands are very visible - it doesn't look bad at all, but wanted to mention it as you can't see them in the product images on the website but they are very visible in person. I am normally a size 4, but ordered a size 6 based on the measurements in the size guide. They are TIGHT, definitely a compression feel. They are very comfortable once I wrestle them on, but I have to be careful to make sure the bands are lined up correctly around my knee as I'm pulling them on, as they are almost impossible to adjust once fully on. Also, I have fairly wide hips, and these are very hard to get over my hips at first. It does seem like they loosened up a bit after a couple wears though. Lastly, I would prefer if they were a bit higher waisted. All of that in consideration though, I don't regret my purchase and will likely order again in the future. I hope they come out with other colors, higher resistance options, and additional bands on the back of the leg as well.

Innovative, Comfortable Leggings for WFH!

As a former college athlete, I have always prioritized fitness. I've never seen anything like these and I love wearing them around the house as I work from home. I have also found that when I wear them during or after work outs, I am 2x more sore the day after than if I were to wear just regular leggings (especially doing stair climbs). I see these pants as not only reasonable to wear in public but a great way to accelerate fitness gains and make the most out of my workouts.

Good leggings!

Overall, I love these! They do have a tendency to slip down, which is a bit annoying when exercising, but I love the resistance bands that give me an extra push.

These pants are awesome

These fit so great, they are super soft and yet supportive. It has some resistance which is nice .

Amazing leggings!!

These leggings are a total must have! Super comfy and definitely make my work out more challenging!