At Sweetflexx, we're dedicated to making the absolute best pair of leggings possible. We truly are a family run, coast-to-coast, fun loving business!
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Home workouts

These seriously make my workouts so much harder! I've also been wearing them all day which adds to it!

IG Review

Not only do the bands help the leggings stay up and hold me in, but definitely add to my workouts

Black Full Length
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Check out my video below!

IG Review

In order to give my family, friends, business, or anything the best of me, I have to make myself a priority! ✨

Working out, being active, and fueling my body have become WAY more of a priority to me for those reasons! And I loveeee that these @sweetflexx leggings help me achieve that better 👏🏻 They’re made with resistance bands {YA, you heard me!} so I can literally tighten and tone even just running my errands. Taking your gym with you anywhere you go! I’m totally behind it 🔥

Love them.

Feel great. Need more colors or patterns

Super comfy

Not only are these leggings genius, they’re super comfortable and soft to boot! I wore them an entire day and didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary except soft leggings…until I sat down the next day. To my amazement, I could feel that I was sore, as if I had done dozens of squats the day before. Highly recommend!

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Jordan Blattenberger
Love these!

These are so comfy and cute. I bought 2 pairs of black because that was all that was in stock, but I LOVE them. Can wear with anything, and I love how the resistance band feels.

Black Full Length
Shellen Pinnt

I love the leggings that I received. I have gotten compliments on the way they look when I wear them, and they are very comfortable.

Black Full Length
Kathleen Wichser

Unfortunately these pants don’t work for me. I plan on returning them. The lines in the front of the pants are strange and they don’t pull up in the back the way I prefer my pants to pull up. Now I have to figure out how to return these???

Hey Kathy sorry the fit didn't work for you, something we'll work on! I just sent you label and an email so you should be all set. Let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Love These Leggings!

The sweetflexx leggings are surprisingly super comfortable, and they offer the perfect amount of compression. The material is thick, so there are no issues with being able to see through them, even when bending. They hold me in and give a very flattering, smooth outline. The only thing they could improve on is the seam between the legs. Most women's leggings have a triangle patch to prevent camel toe, but these just have a straight seam so they do sometimes give me a front weggie. It's very minor though, most likely due to the quality and thickness of the material. Initially I was slightly disappointed, thinking they were just a nice pair of leggings, but that the resistance bands didn't really do anything. I can't feel them at all during casual wear. I worked out with them on though, and there is definitely a notable difference, so I expect they are working even during casual wear, but I just don't feel it! Overall I'm happy with these leggings and would purchase again!


These leggings are great and you can definitely feel the resistance when biking and running. The only thing I will say is they run a little small, so size up!

Already falling apart

I originally gave it a 5 star review, but the band is already coming off on one of the resistance bands at the top. I wore them for a bit trying them out, not to the gym, and without washing them. I do not know if these will last, especially for the price.

Hey Andrea! That shouldn't be happening at all, but I'm going to get a new pair ready for you right away. I'm sending you an email so we can work out the details, sorry about this!!

Camo, Limited Edition
Angela Cummings

These pants are comfortable, cute and NOT SEE THROUGH! They are truly amazing. What’s even better is their customer service is even more amazing. I emailed, wondering when the pants would ship and was immediately emailed back with an actual human responding. Not an automated response. The lady was super helpful and kind!

Super soft!

These leggings are buttery soft and definitely added to my runs!

Camo, Limited Edition
Chelsea Dodson

I really love these leggings! I haven’t worked out in them yet but just wearing them around the house I can feel the resistance from the bands.

The drawbacks are the bands are only in the front. I wish they were in the back as well for some better booty shaping. The material also does collect lint really bad but it’s soft and comfortable so that a trade off I’m ok with. I will definitely be buying another pair and looking out for new items

Black Full Length
Tara Fulton
Can feel the difference

These are challenging to get on...I almost feel like I ordered the wrong size, but once they're on, they're comfortable and offer tons of compression without an awkward muffin top situation. And I can feel the resistance bands as I walk. It is HIGHLY unusual for me to spend this much money on leggings, but I will be a return customer.

2 Sweet Package
Mariah Brown

Great product! Really feel the burn

Black Full Length
Erin Lapidus

Black Full Length

2 Sweet Package
Valerie Cassidy

Comfortable to wear and definitely kicks up my activity for the day!

Black Full Length
Barbara Abatello
Excellent leggings

I love my new sweetflexx leggings! Will always order them!

2 Sweet Package
Fallon Willis
Comfy and just the right amount of work!

I own about 70,000 pair of black leggings but now I live in my resistance leggings! I wear them to walk the dog and my fitness tracker estimates I burn an extra 20% calories! They have just enough to make your exercise a little spicy but not so much you're dying! Can't wait to buy a few more pair!

Black Full Length
Stella Kim
Great Product

Makes my workout better. I can feel my legs afterwards. Not enough in inventory is my only negative review.

Super comfy and work my legs!

These leggings are surprisingly super comfy and still manage to give my legs a pretty good bonus workout. I can wear them all day and at night when I take them off I absolutely feel the difference. Not ready to wear these for leg day yet, but soon enough.

Resistance Leggings

They are very comfortable but can collect other fibers easily. So far love wearing them to do daily activities. Have not noticed a difference so far but I just purchased them and am eager to see how they work. Excited to try more colors. Might even try a 2 instead of a 4.fo3 more resistance.

Camo, Limited Edition
Jillian Leone
Love these!!

I homeschool my kids and don’t get to the gym much. I’ve worn them every day for two weeks. My legs and butt are tighter. It’s subtle but definitely there! They’re incredibly comfortable and I’m not a big leggings fan so that’s saying something! I hope they come out with a stronger pair (once my legs adjust to the first ones!)