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Sweetflexx is a new generation of smart, fashionable clothing. In today's busy world, we believe your clothing should do more for you. Therefore, we've seamlessly integrated resistance bands that provide a health benefit, all while keeping you stylish and comfortable.
We offer 30-day free returns and lifetime free exchanges, no reasons necessary! For more help, please email us at info@sweetflexx.com and provide additional information on what the issue is and what you need.
Sweetflexx ships all products from its United States distribution center to global destinations. We offer USPS First Class and Priority Mail as well as UPS and DHL.
Sweetflexx applies a light amount of resistance to every step you take. By adding together every step, you'll be making big strides towards improving your overall health. The resistance technology also lends itself to the shaping and toning of your legs and lower core.
Yes, Sweetflexx was independently tested by the John Pierce Lab at Yale University for over two years. We still are testing to discover other benefits, while also continuing to improve upon our products everyday.
Making sure your Sweetflexx fit correctly is crucial to having them work and be comfortable. If you find that the leggings fall down from the added pull, or feel too tight, we offer free exchanges. The correct fit should be snug, but comfortable for all day wear.
When it comes to your health, we believe in making every step count. Therefore you should try to wear Sweetflexx as much as possible for the best results.
We've taken the utmost care to find fabrics that don't pill or fade over time. That being said, taking care of your clothes properly will add to their longevity. Use mild detergent on a gentle spin setting. Let the garment air dry to avoid heating the fabric and resistance bands in the dryer.
Sweetflexx was designed with your comfort and fashion in mind. The more often you wear them, the more benefits you'll receive from the resistance technology. Feel free to style them up for a night out, throw on some sneakers for a more efficient workout, or get comfortable for around the house use!
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