What if you could Wear Your Gym?

Hi, I’m McCullough, the founder of Sweetflexx.

In 2015, I entered the “real world” and quickly realized that as our responsibilities grew, our time to take care of ourselves dwindled. Sound familiar?

I decided to reinvent the gym - by combining light resistance bands into clothing. Or as I like to say, Wear Your Gym!

In reality, what happened was that I had a drawing in my notebook and nothing to show for it. Manufacturers would tell me I was crazy, it couldn’t be done and show me the door. It seemed like the harder I tried, the more the world resisted back.

But if there’s one thing that’s true in life, it’s that resistance only makes you stronger.

Eventually, my stubbornness paid off and one factory in LA was willing to work after hours to make samples. 6 months later, and more leggings than I'm proud to admit, I had a crude but working sample. I brought this sample with me everywhere to get feedback. What I didn’t expect to hear was...

"You're not getting these back!"

"Wait, I can actually feel the resistance and they look cute :)"

Jump ahead to today and I've shipped Sweetflexx leggings to thousands of our awesome customers around the world.

The resistance technology applies a slight but constant resistance with every step you take. So whether you're going about your day, or chasing your dreams, Sweetflexx will be with you, every step of the way.