At Sweetflexx, we're dedicated to making the absolute best pair of leggings possible. We truly are a family run, coast-to-coast, fun loving business!

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Andrea McKenna
First Purchase

I just did my first workout wearing these and I do think they add resistance and made my leg work out a little more difficult. I will continue to use.

Great and comfy

These are so comfortable and I love knowing I’m helping tone up while just doing my everyday routine!

Virginia Hall

Okay, “can’t stop wearing these” isn’t as gross as it sounds. I get up early in the morning and go to the gym to get my sweat on, then I come home, take a shower, and put these on to wear throughout the day. But yes, they were delivered on Tuesday and today is Friday and I have worn them every day!

First of all, they are so soft. I love the feel of them! The high waist is great and, even though they don’t advertise tummy compression, I always feel like a high waist helps a lot with that. And the side pockets are fantastic. When I wear any sort of yoga or workout pants without side pockets, I always miss them.

But best of all, the built-in resistance bands are no joke! I feel them when I’m sitting at my computer all day, when I’m walking around, and most especially when I’m walking up and down my stairs. Once I have gotten used to wearing these and feel my legs are strong enough, I will start wearing them to the gym for my daily runs on the treadmill. Just taking time to get used to them, for now.

Since I’ve only had these for less than a week, I can’t really comment on the long-term fitness benefits or any potential weight loss due to extra calorie burn, but I definitely can tell you they feel great to wear and, except for the fact that tomorrow is laundry day, I would probably even wear them again tomorrow!

Time to order more!!!

Rogene Hollis

Absolutely love my Sweetflexx - I can actually feel the change of energy while wearing these! Gives me more bounce!!

Shalene Johnson
I love these!

I love them. They make me feel sexy and I get a lot of compliments. The only fault that I can find is that the material doesn’t repel pet hair well so I can’t wear them to work (pet groomer). Other than that? Flawless.