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Best Gift for Dog Lovers

At Sweetflexx, we take great inspiration from our incredible customers and their courage to Embrace Resistance and strive toward personal growth and transformation.  


And, as the holiday season approaches, we are especially grateful for their ongoing support and for everything that they contribute to this amazing community. While they come from diverse backgrounds, they share a belief in the possibility of positive change.

Meet Jen!

Jen is a part-time swimming enthusiast and full-time dog sitter who lives with her husband and standard poodle named Jazz in Los Angeles. Jen’s day starts very early with a 6am swim in the ocean with her husband, before heading home to welcome the arrival of the pups under her care. Jen told us that if she could have a superpower, it would be to telepathically communicate with dogs so that she could let them know what she wants from them with just a look... a very useful ability in her line of work ;)



When Jen came across Sweetflexx, she was intrigued by the ingenuity of an activewear product that supports customers to get more out of every step through resistance technology. She was also impressed with our customer service. “When I first interacted with Sweetflexx, one of the things that caught my attention is that they wanted input from regular people, from all walks of life. They are ready to listen and that's impressive.”


Like all of our customers, Jen has come up against moments of Resistance in her life, where the universe has dealt her challenges. But, for Jen, Sweetflexx represents more than just a pair of leggings. Sweetflexx’s resistance leggings help her to channel the confidence to embrace those challenges, to strive for her goals, to cultivate balance within her mind, body, and soul, and to live her best life.


“When I first tried them on, it was like Wow, I feel amazing, look strong & I feel like an athlete. I had pep in my step for sure. The material is my favorite. The softness and the compression-like feeling is like no other product on the market. My behind is definitely on point! I definitely feel empowered & I walk with purpose wearing my Sweetflexx resistance leggings”


Next year, Jen is working toward winning an open water swim race that she entered. We wish her the very best of luck! And thank you, Jen, for being an inspiration to us and our entire community!


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