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Do resistance leggings work?

It is natural to be skeptical. There are so many products out there that make outrageous and unfounded claims about health and wellness benefits.


That is why at Sweetflexx, we are, and have been, committed to rigorous testing from the very beginning. We owe it to our customers to create a product that works and that we are proud of.


In 2017, we partnered with the John B Pierce Laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine to run a series of tests in a controlled environment to understand the physiological effects of wearing Sweetflexx's resistance leggings. Click here to read more about the study.


The results were amazing! The team of scientists observed that wearing Sweetflexx leggings throughout the day increases overall energy and expenditure and burns extra calories when compared to a normal pair of leggings. In fact, wearing a pair of Sweetflexx resistance leggings for a day is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes at the gym. The initial results inspired several new lines of inquiry, and today, we are actively engaged in several research initiatives focused on band orientation and varied resistance levels. Stay tuned for updates!


Not only do resistance leggings work, but they look and feel great and come in a variety of different styles. Check out some of our best sellers! Each different style comes equipped with our patented resistance technology and adheres to our high quality standards.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our customers are saying!

They actually work!

I have worn these a couple times so far and can say they do work! I wore them on a walk and jog and could definitely feel the resistance. The next day my thighs were extra tired. I hope more colors are released. Black is great, but it would be nice to have another color! - Jessica


I bought these for myself and loved them so much I bought the capri's for me and my sister. Next I need the leggings with the pockets. These are amazing. You can really feel the workout just doing normal everyday stuff. Perfect for me because I never have time to workout. My sister will love them because she's always walking. These will take her walks to the next level. Trust me you will not be disappointed with these leggings. Thank you Sweetflexx!!! - Pam

Game changer

I roller skate for my cardio and these take my workout to a new level. They are so supply and very comfortable I ordered 2 more pair. These are a must for any workout. - Lisa

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