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How to wear resistance leggings correctly

Resistance leggings use integrated resistance technology to help you take your workout to the next level and get more out of every step as you go about your day.


But, to get the most out of our patented resistance technology, it is important that you wear your resistance leggings correctly. You can refer to this quick checklist to make sure that you have it right.


  • Make sure that resistance bands are straight, running from your waist down to your ankles. If the resistance bands are twisted or crooked, make sure to readjust the fabric around your thighs and legs to straighten them.


  • Make sure that the bands straddle your knee cap on each leg. Once in the correct position, the pressure of the bands should help to maintain the aligment along your legs.


  • Pull down along the calf seam to ensure that the bands are extended completely.


  • Pull the waistband up so that it is taught. For all high waisted styles, the waistband should just cover the navel.


  • Ensure that the leggings are the correct size. They should be snug and smooth, with no bunching occurring. If the leggings are too loose, the resistance will not be fully engaged.


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And check out this video for a great visual!

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