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In 2022, we had an email exchange with Sasha to help her get the correct size leggings. It was during those emails we learned more about her story with Reese, and they have become such a big part of the Sweetflexx family, particularly the Better with Every Step Community. Reese and Sasha have such an incredible determination to live life to its fullest and it's apparent in their smiles you can see on them everyday! We are so inspired and honored to have met the both of them that we asked Reese if she wanted to pick out a color of leggings and name it. Read more about their story below in our interview and enjoy our new Sunset Glow leggings, as named by Reese.



My beautiful baby girl, Reese, has cerebral palsy, a motor-function disability that affects over 17 million people worldwide. She works so hard everyday to try to learn to sit and talk and crawl and walk..things we take for granted everyday.

 She endured surgeries and diagnostic tests in her first years and now continuing with therapies and treatments, ALL with a beaming smile on her face all of the time! She teaches her big brother, mom and dad, her classmates, teammates and anyone who meets her what strength, faith and fight really are! I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a joy! She doesn’t let anything stop her!


Can you tell me about a difficult experience you've had in your life that required you to be particularly resilient? 
The most difficult time for us was when she was a baby & not hitting her milestones, etc and goin through lots & lots of testing trying to find out what was going on & how we were going to deal with it. The unknown made it the hardest. We had to be resilient through the process, continue to love her & care for her no matter what, but also hoping for the best and preparing mentally for anything.


How did you cope with the challenges you faced during that time?
In our house, attitude is everything! We always know we can handle anything if we have each other. Life is what you make it. Things happen in is what it is and we make the most of it. Through the years we’ve seen other families with more challenging situations and that has helped us be so grateful for our happy, healthy girl.

What kinds of support or resources did you have that helped you through the tough times? 
We have great families on both sides who were always there supporting us along the way, but ultimately it was the 4 of us who make the BEST TEAM to handle a lifelong challenge like this. We never let it stop us from living out normal daily lives. Although it’s not always easy, we try to give Reese & our family as much of a full life as we can.


Were there any specific actions or behaviors that you found particularly helpful in getting through the experience? 
Mindset: Everyday is different, everyday is its own challenge, but everyday is a gift. We get another chance to do better than the day before.

What did you learn from going through that difficult experience? 
I, we, are stronger than we ever thought possible! I definitely don’t sweat the small stuff.. it’s not worth wasting that energy on negatives, focus on the positives.


How has that experience shaped you as a person today? 


I am a better, stronger, more resilient mom, teacher, friend, partner! I can roll with punches & keep going!


Do you have any advice for others who may be going through a similar experience? 


You can’t control everything that happens in life, but you CAN control how you react & respond. We all fall down.. but you just have to keep getting up!


What are you most proud of when you look back on that difficult time?
I am the most proud of my amazing kids! They are the reason I get up everyday, my motivation & inspiration to never give up & always be better!


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