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Sizing guide for Sweetflexx resistance leggings

Sweetflexx is leading a movement to redefine athleisure by creating a completely new genre of clothing: resistance activewear. Our hallmark product, resistance leggings, turn your routine into your workout through our patented resistance technology that transforms every step you take. Read more about how resistance leggings work and check out some of our best selling styles!


Making sure that you get the right size of resistance leggings is a very important first step! (excuse the pun…) If your resistance leggings don’t fit correctly, then you won’t maximize the effects of the resistance.


Here are some tips and frequently asked questions that can help you to make sure that you have the right size.


1. How do Sweetflexx resistance leggings compare to other brands?


Our resistance leggings tend to run about a size smaller than what you might buy from other athleisure brands. Our leggings tend to fit differently too, and have more of a "compression garment" feel. They may feel tighter than you are anticipating, especially when you first put them on. But, in order to maximize the effects of the resistance technology, a tighter fit is optimal.  


Check out our sizing chart:

2. How should my resistance leggings fit?


The ideal fit is snug but comfortable. The first time that you put our resistance leggings on, they may feel a little tight. But, after some use and a wash, the fabric stretches out nicely. You’ll notice two things when you have the correct size: first, that the waistband will stay up on you and not require you to pull it back up, and second, you’ll feel the resistance as you extend your leg forward, especially going up the stairs.


3. How will my resistance leggings feel when they are NOT the right size?


If any of the following are occurring, then you probably have the wrong size:

  • The leggings roll down at the waist
  • Once on, they leggings appear ruched (wrinkled)
  • You have to constantly pull them up
  • You don’t feel any resistance
  • If they are so tight that they feel uncomfortable, like they are cutting off circulatio


4. What if I am in between sizes?


If you find yourself between two sizes then what we suggest is to pick the size that would best fit your waist measurement.


If you think you have the wrong size, please reach out to our customer experience team! They will help make sure that you can exchange your current pair for the right size.


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